The Alber's Project —
"An excuse to  start communicating with color, build conceptual skills,  learn something new, and design something you want to design"
A principle developed by Josef Albers which states that a color has many faces. A color can appear as two different colors than what it physically is on different colored backgrounds. In other words, two different colors can appear alike as the same color when paired on different colored backgrounds.

My Concept —   S  P  A  C  E
I was inspired by Apple's Motion Graphics video with its simplistic animation graphics, visually smooth motion transitions, and inspirational storytelling about the design process behind Apple products. This project gave me the opportunity to experiment with a new medium of animation by using Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, adding motion and sound to visually construct and conceptualize an abstract storyline. 

I was challenged to independently direct, script, visualize, construct, and edit the animation video to convey my concept story of the design process in integration with the Alber's Principle. My idea is to communicate that "all different ideas connect to one" and that "every idea begins with space", visually creating dots and circular imagery of color hues to symbolically represent diverse ideas. Throughout the animation, there are instances of color "smooshes" to illustrate that the seemingly different metaphoric colors of ideas are in fact alike in the same color, and connect to one another in forming into one single idea as a whole.

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