"We are a different kind of consulting firm. 
By uniquely combining strategic rigor with bold creativity, we drive growth for our clients."
Lippincott brands over the years 1946–2007+
Since freshmen year of university, Lippincott has been the ideal creative consulting firm as I determinedly set my eyes on a branding career. My multidisciplinary education gave me the opportunity to learn interrelated skills in human-centered design systems and experiences that paved an early pathway into the field of User Experience/Interface Design. Shifting from my past experiences in tech, it was interesting to reflect on how I eventually circled back to this original path I intended. 
The work in the branding and innovation field is challenging and ever-changing in nature. With numerous clients coming from different cultural and industry backgrounds, I'm grateful to be constantly challenged in adapting to new knowledge and practicing to be familiar with other ecosystems in the world around me. To be a successful consultant is to constantly apply yourself to any problem, in any sector, and take a step back and see it from a new perspective. 
I'm excited to take on this new journey and see where it takes me. Stay tuned for more project updates!

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