Introducing relaz.
relaz is Hong Kong's first CBD relaxation drink. relaz encourages a healthy, non-psychoreative, stress-free lifestyle. it de-stigmatizes CBD by bringing its benefits to light, staying clear from the “munchies” or the “high”. It contains no THC, and is non-GMO and all-natural.
I had the privilege to work alongside with the founders of relaz to come up with a fresh and modern brand launch to target a wide food and beverage market. The goal is to take a modern twist of soda beverage, adding relaz to convenience stores and bars across Hong Kong, as well as normalizing CBD as part of people's healthy work-life balance routines.
How the brand came to life.
The brand is inspired by the feeling of what relaz aims to bring: stress-free, freeform relaxation. The wavy motif is carried throughout the visual system along the strokes of the graphics with a citrus pop color scheme. The logo design is shifted at an angle, italicized, to give a playful approach.
The process.
Before visual branding, I began researching the existing competitors of CBD-infused drinks in today's market to see what their proposition was and how relaz can be differentiated among them. We then took a look at a design inspiration moodboard to convey the right tone, look, and feel — this gave me a better understanding of what the clients were drawn to and how they wanted to visually represent their brand. 
I moved on to brainstorm what the central logo identity could be while keeping these values in mind. I explored a variety of logo lock-ups before branching into the other branding elements of illustration and packaging. The wave motif was something to be kept consistent across the brand along with the vibrancy of color and graphics.

Sneak peek on the logo brand exploration with relaz

Refreshing and exciting flavors.
relaz comes in two flavors as part of their brand launch: Peach Lemonade and Orange Vanilla. The flavors are designed with a refreshing tangy fizz. More flavors coming soon!

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