Beginning with a film concept
Inspired by Stefan Sagmeister's "The Happy Film", the goal of this project is to identify the themes and motifs, and furthermore, interpret these conversations building on to the film in the form of a conference.  A major theme I identified was the façade of digital media influencing our emotional connection with others. 
This conference is further inspired by Sherry Turkle's book "Alone Together" and the film adaptation of Chad Kultgen's "Men, Women, and Children" as foundational concepts to illustrate the impacts of social media.
The question
As we become immersed in media, are we expecting less from human interaction? How are devices and online personas redefining connections with each other?
Brainstorming themes of the conference
Scoping the context of the conference was critical to establishing a solid concept, and systematizing the major themes and speakers introduced. After thorough reading and research, I was inspired by a range of authors, speakers, activists, and filmmakers to discuss the effects of social media from cross-disciplinary perspectives.
Family & Relationships
Sherry Turkle: Connected but alone?
Helen Fisher: Tech + Love = ?
Social Media Rabbit Hole & Addiction
Scilla Andreen: LIKE
Future of Social Media Interaction
How Social Media can shape our world views
An adaptable logo identity with expression
Brainstorming a series of logo identity lockups, the system evolved from an organic approach, using forms and shapes to build letterforms that symbolize connectivity, to a geometric quality, using shapes in between letterforms to represent the idea of growing apart and mimic the square-like quality of pixels and icons. 
The final selected logo identity lockup revolves around the idea of centralizing online media as the barrier of emotional connection, illustrating a speech bubble specific to the "typing" wait for another's message. The speech bubble acts as a flexible container that can transform according to the content/type within it. With each content ranging in length, it stretches the distance between the letterforms and adds the complexity of using "conversations" as a motif to represent the juxtaposing idea of being a part of a platform, yet figuratively apart.

Iterations of previous conference name/logo explorations in various arrangements of shapes and typography.

Final 3-part logo lockup versatile to any message of icons within the speech bubble between the letterforms.

A flexible and evolving design system
The conference system is inspired by the iconography we see daily on digital interfaces that represent social media and technology. The system is ever-changing on a flexible grid that could be organized in multiple pathways and directions to show the infinite amount of digital microinteractions we interact with and become immersed in. The subtle grain quality highlights and adds dimension to the flat icons.
Expanding the brand to its visual system
The adaptability of the logotype and its visual elements can easily be expanded to other collateral, using icons and grids to brand stationery, merchandise, and poster series to communicate the themes of the conference.
Breaking the grid
The icons designed outside the grid symbolize the motif of pushing the boundaries of tech and social media organized in thematic representations of the future of technology, media addiction, and social commentary.
Inspired by microinteractions
Motion is used to transform these flat icon graphics into characters adding a layer of dimension and personality. These motion graphics are inspired by the micro-interactions we constantly see on social media. Animations are versatile to use as in-between schedule conference bumpers or social media promotional posts.
Integrating sound and motion
The sound and animation are designed to follow the speech bubble motif as conversation starters. The music and effects are accompanied by motion to emphasize the intuitive and fluid interactions. These graphic elements are used in the speaker introduction animation to expand to other video applications. Each speaker would have unique icons associated with their name and topic to maintain unity and variety.
A responsive grid across different surfaces
Apart from tactile applications, the visual system is responsively integrated into digital interface breakpoints. Inspired by the cognitive overload of social media notifications and interactions, the online platform is constructed with blocks of iconography morphing into a pixel collage. The designs visualize the vision of the conference home screen with secondary pages to communicate the schedule and speakers' information.

Independent project
Branding, Illustration, Layout, Interface, Animation, Sound/Video-editing
10 Weeks (Spring 2019)
Annabelle Gould
DESIGN 369 Visual Systems
Logo Identity
20" x 24" Poster Series
Video Bumpers (Conference/Speaker Intro)
Environmental Piece
Event Merchandise
Website — Home, Speaker, Schedule (with Mobile/Tablet)
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