The article is about the “floating brain” phenomenon. Scientists conducted a study comparing images of astronauts’ brains before and after long/short missions and spaceflight, in which they found that there are significant changes to the brain, i.e. the volume of cerebrospinal fluid inside the brain, decrease of grey matter, ocular health, and more.
My Concept

The first concept is an idea of a play on words, "the floating brain", in which I illustrated the brain in space with abstract, simplistic shape elements, consisting of circles that resemble as planets and lines, with astronauts revolving around the central brain of the solar system. 
The second illustration concept is based on the article finding that spaceflight can impact "ocular health" along with the interdependent relationship between the cerebral spinal fluid with ocular health. The concept I thought of is to illustrate the sun rays like a pupil of the eye, dilating in space. The astronaut figure is illustrated facing towards the sun to initiate a sense of journey. 
The third and final concept is to illustrate a simplified diagram of the brain to indicate the locations of the key term "cerebral spinal fluid."

The Astronaut's Floating Brain

Ocular Solar System

The Floating Brain Anatomy

"The Floating Brain" Publication

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